Games coming soon

We make video games for the PC platform. You may know us as the studio behind the free-to-play, fan-made Halo game – Installation 01. We hope you get to know us and stick around for what's coming next.

Introducing Soon Studios

Some familiar faces under a brand new... brand. Officially founded in 2017, we are an independent video game developer and publisher. Our goal is world domination – one game at a time. Meet the team.

We've been making waves since 2015

"Most of the time when we post about a promising fan-made project, we never hear from that project again, because fans are rarely also professional project managers." Read More »
"If you’re somehow still holding out hope that one day, you’ll get to play Halo on PC, this new project could be what you’re looking for...Installation 01 is its own game." Read More »
"Check out the cool video for the fan-made game, Installation 01. The creators have clearly taken time to make sure that the Spartans and Elites look like you remember them." Read More »
"Bungie-era inspired shooter is still alive after positive talks with Microsoft...We look forward to playing the fruits of their collective labour when it's ready for public consumption." Read More »
"The creators of Installation 01...have released a brand new ViDoc that shows just how far the team has come in the past few months, and the results are absolutely stunning." Read More »
"Installation 01’s multiplayer will look familiar to anyone who has played a Halo game. The design team are trying to follow the design standards set by Bungie..." Read More »

Hello developers

If you have a passion for PC gaming, development, or Halo – and have some time to spare – we may require your talents. Remember that Installation 01 is non-commerical and the team is completely volunteer.

Since you're still reading, we assume we've piqued your interest. Jump over to our Join page. You'll find listings for specific positions we're in desperate need for. In addition, there is always room for more talented 3D modellers, concept artists, animators, and programmers. Throw us a bone and we just might bite.

Note: We are not accepting applications for QA testing at this time, or any other time.